Subterranean Gallery


Subterranean Gallery strives to facilitate dialogue and community engaged programming that extends the reach of already established and emerging visual artists, writers, and thinkers. Through an active online presence and programming schedule Subterranean Gallery aims to be a catalyst for artists who will benefit from enhancing the digital presence of their practice and thought.


Subterranean Gallery, founded in 2010 by Ayla Rexroth, is an underground hybrid art and domestic space in Kansas City, Missouri. Rexroth acted as artist, curator, and hostess by modifying her apartment to accommodate the installation of artworks.  In contrast to the traditional “white cube” gallery, Subterranean has always strived to facilitate an environment that engages creativity with intimate ambiance. Consistently striving to create opportunities for the Kansas City art community, Rexroth emphasized the importance of collaboration between artist, site, and artwork.

After a three year history of 8 exhibitions and 19 public events, the gallery has changed hands. Current resident and director Melaney Mitchell plans to continue Rexroth’s mission but focusing on taking the genuine experience and interaction that happens at Subterranean Gallery and sharing it with the expanding audience online. She is currently an editor for Informality Blog a new online art and culture publication for Kansas City that will work in tandem with the exhibitions and programming at Subterranean Gallery. Informality aims to to enhance outreach in order to allow Kansas City artists to engage with the worldwide image and thought making community through social media. This increased discourse I hope will help reshape the city’s art economy by importing collectors and exporting our work and dialogue.




Director: Jordan Hauser

Gallery Assistants: Patricia Bordallo & Rebeka Pech Moguel

Former Director: Melaney Mitchell

Former Digital Exhibitions Manager: Kevin Heckart

Founding Director: Ayla Rexroth

Former Exhibitions Manager: Clayton Skidmore



Admission to the gallery is free.

Subterranean Gallery is open to the public during advertised events and by appointment.  To schedule an appointment during off-times please email us prior to your visit. Parking is available on the street.

Get Involved

Internship & Volunteer opportunities are available. Subscribe to receive notifications and calls.

Support! Making a contribution to Subterranean Gallery at any dollar amount makes a huge difference in our ability to produce exhibitions.  We do not run for profit and all donations are cycled directly into programming. You will receive a personalized thank you card to show our appreciation.  Thank You!


4124 Warwick Blvd. Apt B. Kansas City, MO 64111

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