Studio Visit with Jaclyn Senne

Visiting Jaclyn Senne’s studio reminded me of the essential questions for painters… “What should I paint?” “How do I create a studio momentum that allows me to produce a lot of work and continuously experiment?” What do I do when that momentum is broken?!What I am so excited about in Jaclyn’s work is that it she is in control of her subject matter, painting technique and color. The one thing that doesn’t follow the same command of her perfectly taped off lines is the overall composition. In her piece Backyard/beach course vacation-planked location with strand-lit courts and towels and iced coolers Senne creates a loose sketch of the images architectural structure. She then plays a strategy game of fitting together pieces and objects that don’t work together until they are just believable enough. In thinking about this, her work becomes so reflective of life. Fake it till you make it.

Senne’s work has progressed from abstracted lines and shapes into built structures and objects that have great sensitivity to color and mood. On the walls, taped around her paintings in progress, are reference photographs of, lodges, beaches, sports facilities, equipment and the landscape of her hometown Greenville, North Carolina. There must be something liberating about creating such active and imaginative images because the elements are bursting at the seams.

Special thanks to Jaclyn.

Images by Ayla Rexroth


3 responses to “Studio Visit with Jaclyn Senne

  1. garry noland

    reminds me of the paintings of Larry Zox….that is if Zox was interested in illusionistic space….that’s what good with these paintings: a dialogue with the seen world, memory and future. That aqua painting, can’t tell if its a detail or a whole one is very nice.

  2. Love what you’re up to Jaclyn. See you tomorrow.

  3. Nora Campbell

    Great to see your studio, art work, and you in action. Have followed your career for a number of years via your Mom. Hope to meet you in person one day.

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