Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About The Hot Tub Dialogues, But Were Too Afraid to Ask. {Digest}

Posted on October 31, 2011



Posted on October 31, 2011

The Hot Tub Dialogues on Sundance Best of Kickstarter List

Posted on November 30, 2011

Let The Hot Tub Dialogues Begin!

$2773.00!  Thank you to all our backers and supporters. You literally gave 110%!

The Hot Tub Dialogues are made possible by our Generous Supporters

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Posted on January 20, 2012

The Hot Tub Dialogues Lecture Series

Kansas City, MO (January 19th, 2012) Saturday, February 11th, 18th and 25th Subterranean Gallery will host The Hot Tub Dialogues: a lecture series featuring distinguished members of Kansas City’s arts community. Three lectures will be held featuring local artists and art facilitators in Subterranean Gallery’s hydrotherapy spa. The gallery’s recent installation of the spa/lecture hall follows Sub’s trend of transforming the space to fit the needs of each exhibition and event. The soothing ambiance will allow lecturers to reveal their most intimate observations about the contemporary art world. Guests will enjoy live music, drinks, hors d’oevres, and a dive into the minds of influential people in our community. They may also take a dip in the hot tub following lectures.

The Hot Tub Dialogues’ aim is to create an open conversation between emerging and established members of Kansas City’s arts community by interacting in an informal setting. It will also play a pivotal role in promoting Subterranean Gallery and funding its 2012 exhibition costs through ticket sales. Most importantly this will be serious fun for all (How often do you go to an art lecture in February with your bathing suit under your parka?!)

The opening hot tub dialogue takes place on February 11th with Hesse McGraw and moderator Josh Shelton. McGraw was the founding director and curator of Paragraph Gallery in downtown Kansas City, and currently acts as Chief Curator at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska. Shelton is chair of the Steering Committee with Art Thru Architecture. He is also a principal member of the local architecture firm, El Dorado. He serves as a board member at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS and is a studio instructor at the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design, and Planning.

February 18th will feature a hot tub conversation with Raechell Smith and Kate Hackman. Smith is the Chief Curator of the H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute. Hackman is Co-Director of the Charlotte Street Foundation, a non-profit multidisciplinary arts organization based in Kansas City, MO.

The final dialogue on February, 25th features local artist Archie Scott Gobber with moderator Mike Erickson. Gobber is known for his eye-catching works that employ clever wordplay as a vehicle for social and political commentary. Moderator and artist Mike Erickson, has worked in New York and Los Angeles at the MOMA and Gemini Graphic Editions Limited. Gobber and Erickson are both KCAI alumni and base their painting practices in Kansas City.

Posted on February 14, 2012

A Night With Hesse McGraw & Josh Shelton

[Excerpt by Melaney Mitchell: The way in which Downtown Kansas City has been transformed, and the exponential growth of the Crossroads Arts District are proof that the creative efforts in downtown Kansas City have yielded real results. McGraw brought what he learned in Kansas City back with him to Omaha, at the Bemis Art Center, and has had exhibitions which engage the community such as The Rainbow Project which creates a synthetic rainbow. The goal of this project is to both educate about the sustainability of harnessing rainwater but also uses what is normally wasted to beautify the city of Omaha.]

Posted on February 21, 2012

An Evening with Kate Hackman & Raechell Smith

[Excerpt by Melaney Mitchell:] Hackman and Smith transitioned into discussing their careers, how most of their work is just an unsexy reality of trying to make a balanced life work. Even though that balance is a constant struggle, their priorities inform others of what needs to happen in the community. It is at those points of managing dualities where the creativity happens. Smith mentioned the regenerative energy that she gets working with emerging artists, to which Hackman compared to her experiences at Exit Art2 in New York City]

Posted on March 1, 2012

A Night With Archie Scott Gobber & Mike Erickson

[Excerpt by Melaney Mitchell:]  February 25th, Subterranean Gallery hosted its final hot tub lecture. The culmination was highly performative, and at times, the conversation involved the audience more than the lecturers.

Posted on February 22, 2012

Review: In KC’s The Pitch! Nothing watered down at Subterranean Gallery’s Hot Tub Dialogues.

By Theresa Bembnister

Posted on March 4, 2012

Art Practical: Shotgun Review of The Hot Tub Dialogues

By Nicole Mauser

_____The hot tub has been sold to a lovely couple in Kansas._____


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