Subterranean Gallery’s Kickstarter Campaign Fully Funded!

Let The Hot Tub Dialogues Begin.

We have surpassed our original goal of $2,500.00 and have raised a total of $2773.00!  Thank you to all our backers and supporters. You literally gave 110%!  Check back often to see updates about the project, and if you haven’t seen our Kickstarter video you are missing out!

The Hot Tub Dialogues are made possible by our Generous Supporters

Katie Atkins, Lottie Barker, Colleen Burner, Leandra Burnett, Chris Chapin, Julia Cole, Jim Conrad, Maria Creyts, Chris Daharsh, Monica Dixon, Andrew Erdrich, Jessica Erdrich, Abbe Findley, Kim Gears, Daniel Goggin, Matthew Scott Gualco, Harper Hair, Sarah Hazelwood, Robert C. Heishman, Brian Henkel
, Emily Henson, Matthew Heston, Sara Honan, Cory Imig, Laura Isaac, Matt Jacobs, Cody Knopp, Kelly Kroener, Luther Kroman, Joseph Lawlor, Judith G. Levy, Bruce Lipton, Ellen Mantia, Amanda Martinez, Nancy Noble, Natures Own Market, Erin Olm-Shipman, Zoe Pedziwiatr, Plug Projects, Leone Anne Reeves, David Rhoads, Russell Shoemaker, Paul Shortt, Anja Notanja Sieger, Samuel Slay Skidmore, Maeve Skidmore, Tim Skidmore, Kate Smithson, Dick Snow, Spray Booth Gallery, Sean M. Starowitz, Angie Swanson,
 Cheryl Toh, Venus Van Horn, WarriorAntPress, Zack Yaw.

Thank you!


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