The Hot Tub Dialogues Kickstarter Campaign!

Click the link below to make your pledge!  Remember that your donation will not be processed until we reach our total goal.  Kickstarter is powered by an all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.  This means any dollar amount helps!



The Plan…

Winter 2012 the Subterranean Gallery will host The Hot Tub Dialogues: a lecture series featuring distinguished members of Kansas City’s art  community. Three lectures will be held featuring local artists and arts facilitators with a moderator in Subterranean Gallery’s hydrotherapy spa. The soothing ambiance will allow lecturers to reveal their most intimate observations about the contemporary art world. Guests will enjoy drinks, hors d’oevres, and a dive into the minds of aware and influential people in our community.

Our Lecturers Include:

Archie Scott Gobber: An artist known for his eye-catching works that employ clever wordplay as a vehicle for social and political commentary.

Hesse Mcgraw: Curator, writer and artist working as Chief Curator at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska.  He was the founding director and curator of Paragraph Gallery in Kansas City, MO.

Kate Hackman: Co-Director at Charlotte Street Foundation, a non profit multidisciplinary arts organization based in Kansas City, MO

Raechell Smith: Chief Curator and Director of the Block Art Space at the Kansas City Art Institute.

Funding Will Be Used For…

The Kickstarter will fund the modifications needed to safely/properly use the hot tub in the gallery space as well as fund production costs of the lecture series. Because a hot tub requires a stable and level base, we are building a deck for the hot tub to rest on. Also, the gallery will require ventilation fans and water treatment supplies to manage humidity and to ensure a healthy spa experience. We will be compensating the lecturers and moderators for their time and expertise.

Reasons Behind The Madness…

The Hot Tub Dialogues’ aim is to create an open conversation between emerging and established members of the arts community by interacting in an informal setting. It will also play a pivotal role in promoting Subterranean Gallery and funding its 2012 exhibition costs through ticket sales. Most importantly this will be serious fun for all (How often do you go to an art lecture with your bathing suit under your parka?!).


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