Subterranean Gallery Presents LOT I8

An Exhibition Featuring New Work By A. Bitterman

Join Us for an Opening Reception

Friday, June 3rd 6:00 – 11:00 pm

Friday, June 3rd 6:00 – 11:00 p.m. Subterranean Gallery will host a public opening showcasing new work by A. Bitterman. The exhibition will feature video, installation, and photography pieces that respond to late 1960’s Land Art. LOT 18 is viewable by appointment June 4th – July 1st. Subterranean Gallery is located at 4124 Warwick Blvd. Apt. B. Kansas City, MO.

A. Bitterman is an artist, writer, and pseudonym for father of five, and owner of The Reading Reptile, Pete Cowdin. LOT 18 is the spring installment in Bitterman’s ongoing (Home)Land Art series, begun in 2008. Bitterman utilizes his house and the land around it as a staging area to dissolve the boundary between the natural world and built environments. He uses aerial photography to capture a simple gesture: taking off his clothes and climbing onto the roof of his Brookside home to place himself between the earth and sky. Unlike traditional earthworks where the sky is the symbolic viewer, the aerial photographs are installed in a constructed interior space, allowing human viewers to act as both sky and artist.

A longtime follower and visitor of 1960’s earthworks, Bitterman rejects many romantic notions of past earthworks in which young men with picks and shovels turn away from white walls and go west, claiming the earth for a canvas. Bitterman confronts the human relationship to the natural world in the context of our daily lives, attempting to reconcile our perception of nature as a place we visit rather than inhabit. 


2 responses to “Subterranean Gallery Presents LOT I8

  1. Enjoyed hanging out on the roof talking friends while looking up at many roofs, one of which featured A. Bitterman in the buff. More bitter men should do this.

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