Join us Opening Night
Friday, April 22nd
7:00 – 11:00 pm

Invitational Breakfast & Critique
Saturday, April 23rd
11:00 – 1:30 pm

     Kansas City, MO (April 6, 2010) On Friday April 22nd Subterranean Gallery will host a public opening showcasing new work by Jane Sheldon and S. Clifford Proski. The exhibition will feature artworks for one night only, followed by an artist sleep-over at the gallery! Invited participants and guests who RSVP in advance are welcomed back the following morning at 11:00 am for a delicious breakfast and a group critique discussion. Limited space is available for critiques. Breakfast is sponsored by local businesses: Muddy’s Coffee House and Farm to Market Bread Co. To reserve your space at critiques email a request to

The One Night Stand Exhibition & Morning After Critique is a community exhibition to benefit emerging studio artists in their studio practices. For artist’s, feedback and community are vital to a successful studio practice. Kansas City Art Institute graduates Jane Sheldon and S. Clifford Proski feel that outside of institutionalized education many artists don’t have access to a group discussion about their work.

When choosing artists for One Night Stands curator Ayla Rexroth looked for artists who were immersed in their studio practices, and at a point in their process where a critique would be most beneficial. “One Night Stands is a quick way for artists to get their work out of the studio and find out how it is communicating. The artists and myself have invited critique participants that we feel will create a diverse discussion and be a lot of fun!”

Jane Sheldon is an artist from Cincinnati, Ohio who is now based in Kansas City. Her portraits of ‘hipsters’ depict the subculture in acrylic paint on paper. The work focuses on singular characters, capturing moments in their lives that reveal both individual beauty and a blatant archetype of the young Kansas City art scene. Dancing between reverence and annoyance for her subject matter, Sheldon creates colorful images with a distinct hand.

S. Clifford Proski, originally from Phoenix, Arizona now works in Kansas City on his text based mixed media drawings. The works mash together hyper-informative layers of content in colorful mania, reminiscent of a punk aesthetic. A multitude of visual strategies are used to re-appropriate cultural symbols and pit them against one another, competing for graphic dominance.


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